When we were sent this entry for our Fashion Fail Friday, we had no words. We still have no words other than ladies, meet Amy. 

In her subject line, she titled this "Purple Awesomeness". Again...no words. 

Amy today is one of the most beautiful and talented women that I know. She is wife to Matt, and mom to Nyah. She is an artist in everything. From a talented painter and writer, to a fantastic baker, to a makeup artist/stylist for the likes of Jeremy Cowart at Hope Portrait. I love calling her "friend", and I'm so excited for her to win our Fashion Fail! She clearly deserves it! 

Here's a more recent, and less purple, photo of Amy.

While doing these fashion fails, we want to make it clear that it's okay to laugh at bad fashion (it's kind of hard not to laugh)...but understand that fashion is not a definition of beauty. You are beautiful on the inside. You are beautiful in your attitudes and character. You are beautiful as you share your life with family and friends. You are beautiful in your vulnerability. What's considered "fashionable" will wax and wane faster than the moon, so don't find your identity in it. It's temporary. You are beautiful as you...not as the clothes you once wore. 



When we started out Fashion Fail Fridays, we were so excited to give everyone the opportunity to win $25 to take themselves shopping at Heylee B. We expected to be flooded with entries, and have honestly been surprised by the lack of interest in winning money! Now, this is saying two things. 

1. It's really easy to win.

2. We are thinking you guys take yourself too seriously! 

We want this to be fun, entertaining, and a place where you can let yourself be free! And we want you to WIN!!! 

So, this week, we had one entry from Samantha Carter. We are in love with both pictures that she sent to us, and couldn't decide on just one. So we will post them both! From the jean dress with the stripe down the side (sort of like track pants), to the epic floral print dress with matching hat, we loved these!! You look amazing in both of these photos, and we can all relate to the looks of the 90s.


As an added bonus, we wanted to show a great picture of Heylee B owner, Heylee Achten. I mean seriously, who doesn't love the all one color sweatsuit with giant cat decal on it? We think she looks adorable totally going vogue in this photo as well. A true fashionista! 


Make sure to not miss out on winning some money towards your wardrobe! Send us your fashion fail photos to kate@heyleeb.com so we can add them to the cue! As of now, your chances of winning are very good! 




After posting about last weeks' Fashion Fail Friday (#fff) winner, Kara Willis, we definitely found a few of you realizing that we were serious about giving away $25 gift cards to the girl with the best photo. We even told you that we would give away a 15% off discount to those who entered and ended up on the blog, but didn't win. However, this week we only received 1 entry...which made it easy for us to choose a winner. Or winners I should say. 

We have 2 winners this week, because they are in the same photo! Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Brienne Barnes and her sister, Erin Love. Brienne sent us this photo, and we hope that Erin knew about it! When we first say this photo, we chuckled at the throwback to decades ago....then we laughed, but for a different reason. We laughed because the jean shirt that Brienne is wearing is now "back in style" (we use the term "style" very loosely) and can be found at your local Urban Outfitters, no collar and all. She is now a beautiful wife and mother to a couple very cute kids, so we hope that this $25 gift card is used well! (Get a cute date night outfit!) 

As for Erin, she is a little less style-savvy in what looks to us like gym clothes. The super-bang hairstyle (I remember those days well) is also not uber-stylish, but back then, everyone had it! She has grown into not only a stylish woman today, but a stunning one at that! She will receive a $25 gift card to spend on herself as well, and she doesn't have to share it with her sister! 

Thanks for sending us this photo ladies and for letting us take a quick glimpse into your past, and congrats on the win! Use your money wisely and know that there are tons of cute clothes and accessories just waiting to join your respective closets! 

Remember that we are doing this giveaway every week, and all you have to do to enter to win is send us your pic at kate@heyleeb.com. You can send your photo anytime until thursday at 9pm to be entered, and if you don't win the $25, you can still win 15% off your next purchase! It's really that easy! 

Don't be shy! And thanks for the #FFF


April 24, 2014 by Kate Harris


It's everyone's favorite day!! It's Fashion Fail Friday! 

Last week, we encouraged you to upload and email your best fashion fail photos to us so we could laugh right along with you! Your prize? A $25 gift card to our store! We only had a few entries, which is good for those who entered, so picking a winner was simple. 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our first #FFF winner, Kara Willis! She set aside her fear and embraced the fail and we applaud her for it! She described this as her "gangsta days". We know the pic is a bit grainy (thanks non-digital photos), but she is rocking a serious 'do with that bandana! If you were to check out Kara's Instagram feed today, you will see that she's well out of those "gangsta days" and is a serious fashionista! She always looks great and we love that she is able to look back and laugh! (The pic on the right is Kara today...totally gorgeous, right?!)

Another notable photo (and 15% off winner) came from Kelly. We know that she's just a kid in this photo, but her epic use of Princess Jasmine costume jewelry, the splatter paint tank & shorts combo, and that awesome fanny pack are just too much. Thank you 1990...you have given us many reasons to look back and laugh. Needless to say, Kelly grew out of this phase (but kept the fanny pack) and into the beautiful girl in the photo on the left! 

Thanks for checking out our Fashion Fail Friday winner pics and be sure to send us your fashion fail photos so you can be entered to win! I mean really...who doesn't want $25 in free clothes & accessories!?! 

April 18, 2014 by Kate Harris

#FFF (Fashion Fail Fridays)

Most of you are familiar with #TBT (Throw Back Thursdays) where you post a photo of yourself and others from way back, oftentimes including ridiculous hair and clothes. We all have them...photos from our way back past (or maybe our more recent past) that make us laugh and wonder, "What was I thinking?!" And for those of us that were children of the 80s and 90s specifically, we definitely have no shortage of visuals of our hideous fashion fails. From our heinous Cindy Lauper "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" outfits, to the epic feathered bangs and perms that elicited way too many cans of hairspray for mile-high hair, and everything in between. We thought our style fashion forward then, and can only look at those photos now and cringe. And laugh. And cringe again. 

So, we at Heylee B have decided to embrace the fail and invite other people to laugh along with us by creating a new, weekly blog called "Fashion Fail Fridays". We are asking you to email us your epic fashion fail photos (the hair, the clothes, the make-up...everything!) each week, and our favorites will be featured on the blog for all to see. As an added bonus, our favorite "fail" will be given a $25 gift card to Heylee B to help make sure that you don't find yourself in bad fashion again! The others featured on the blog will be given a 10% off discount that they can use at Heylee B any time. 

On top of the weekly blog, we invite you to help us get these fashion fails trending by uploading your photos to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with the hashtag #FFF & #Heyleeb. We also encourage you to get your friends, family, and social media networks to join in the laughter and upload their own photos! I mean really...who doesn't love a good laugh! 

In honor of this new blog kicking off today, the Heylee B team (and some of their gracious family members) have submitted a few of their own fashion fails for you all to giggle at and enjoy. In the spirit of great fashion at Heylee B, these are for you!

First up is our photographer Jess. She loves a good thrifty find with a Bohemian flare, but she definitely missed the mark with this hat/kimono combo. Trust us when we say that this girl is seriously one of the most fashion savvy ladies out there and she doesn't have misses like this very often!

This next photo is a two-for! We have our creative director, Kate, and her sister, Amy (one of our glorious models), in this one. Kate would be the one in purple, and Amy is the one that looks like a little boy. (She had a phase). There is so much wrong with this photo on so many levels, we don't even know where to start. Just know that it was probably taken around 1995...which is probably explanation enough.

And we saved the best for last. This is Kate's mother, Karen. When this photo was submitted for us, she announced that even though this picture was taken in the early 80s, she was pretty sure that everything she was wearing can now be found at Urban Outfitters. (It's probably true). But we just have to comment on that hair...alll that feathering.....and the perm. At least the red is real! (Love you Mom!)

April 11, 2014 by Kate Harris