Defining "Beautiful"

It seems like such a cliche question. 

What is the definition of beautiful?

But I think that we ask ourselves this question on a daily basis. We wonder if it's defined by the clothes that we wear, or the way our makeup looks, or the cut and style of our hair. We wonder if it's the size and shape of our bodies.

I am a believer that true beauty, the kind that lasts and stands out, is found in something so much deeper. 

Beautiful is when you put someone before yourself. 

Beautiful is when you are patient in chaos.

Beautiful is when you love deeply and selflessly.

Beautiful is how you must choose to see yourself. 

When you find yourself standing in front of the mirror, changing clothes for the umpteenth time, stop. Take a breath. Remember that you are beautiful whether old or young, tall or short, thick or thin. It will take guts to tell yourself that you are beautiful and to block out all the negative swirling in your head. 

What do you currently believe about yourself, but want to change? Where do you struggle? How can you remind yourself that you are not defined by the world around you?

Be brave. Tell us. When you say negative things out loud, the grip they have on you loosens...making room for new, positive things. 

August 21, 2014 by Kate Harris