Spring is (finally) Within Sight!

Here at Heylee B, we have joked that these last few months have felt like a trip to Narnia, where it's "always winter and never Christmas." This fall and winter have been a long, and, in some places, brutal one that has hung on much longer than we would like. We know that you're just as ready for warm, springtime sunshine and trips to the beaches we are. The good news? Those days are finally within sight! 

This past week, our staff headed to Dallas Buyers Market (as the wind and snow let loose in Nashville) to get a glimpse of what's to come for the warmer season. The 18-story beehive of a building boasted tons of new looks and trends to get excited about! The hundreds of racks of new and old trends with beautiful fabrics got our wheels turning as we thought of you and what Heylee B could offer you in the coming months. You can for sure look forward to new floral & graphic prints adorning shirts, dresses and shorts; lace and crocheted detailing to really make you swoon; and vintage threads to take your closet up a notch. Our staff could barely contain themselves! We are definitely itching for just about everything to be in our own closets. 

 One of the most amazing things that we discovered were a couple of new designers that are taking some of our favorite ideas up a notch. They were pairing all of the trends of 2013 & 2014 with some great vintage looks to bring together a super chic style that anyone would be able to wear. New dresses with vintage flair, silk kimonos, and edgy jumpsuits/rompers were all on our list of must haves from here. Heylee found this great floor length floral kimono that we were obsessed with! (And will be available in a few weeks!)

We flew back home energized and with tons of new clothes, bags, and jewelry en route to our online store, so be sure to keep checking in. We are confident that you will be just as thrilled as we are with these new finds! Everything we have coming in will be in limited quantities (thanks to high demand on these designers), so you will want to be sure to get in on those pieces as soon as they come in so you can get them before someone else snatches them up!