She Wore It How?

Every now and then we see a look on the cover of a magazine, in a Facebook photo, or just walking down the street that catches our eye. We love everything from the hat on her head to the shoes on her feet. We just can't get enough! But, as we stare at that person, and try to picture ourselves in that same outfit, we begin to wonder...

Would that really look good on me?

I bet their outfit was expensive...

What do I have in my closet that I could wear that with?

What would I wear that to?

You'd need a lot of confidence to be able to wear that...

These are all things that we've asked at one time or another, and we wanted to help break it down for you using two different looks worn by two different members of our Heylee B team. We will show you pictures they took at home, tell you how and why they wore it, and break down some of the cost. 

First up is Heylee B owner and make-up artist, Heylee Achten. On a date our with her husband, she wore the No Lace Like Home skirt ($48 at Heylee B), A Piece of Aztec top ($36 at Heylee B), and the Take Me To Panama hat ($38 at Heylee B). For around $125, Heylee created a head-to-toe look with separates that can be both worn together and on their own. This gives some extension to her closet because they can be worn so many ways. She loves the crop top especially saying, "It's one of those things that no one thinks that they can wear. But I think when paired with a high-waisted skirt or jeans, it's a modest, but chic, look that is really great!" As far as hats go..."I love hats! Everyone needs a couple of good hats!"

Next we have our stellar photographer (and co-owner of Blue Vinyl Creative in Nashville), Jessica Gann. She was headed to a photo shoot job on Saturday and she chose to wear the Hippy By Day top ($28 at Heylee B) styled with a black bandeau, black leggings, brown leather booties, and a fringe beaded necklace from her own closet, saving money. She added the Romeo & Juliet purse ($48 at Heylee B) on her way out the door. Her opinion? "I love looks from the 70's which made this top a perfect addition to what I already own. The bag is just cool!"

We hope that seeing Heylee and Jess in their own looks was helpful for you! We want everyone to feel confident in not only their own clothes and style, but in their own skin. Each of us has a unique style that fits our personalities and our budgets. So get creative! Buy whole looks or add pieces to what you already have! Either way, embrace your style and be confident in who you are!