Heylee B Tip On The Go!

When Heylee Achten isn't busy making her online store amazing (or doing make-up, or styling someone, or at a photo shoot...you get the picture. She's busy!), she travels full-time with her brother, Harris III. Harris is an award-winning illusionist who travels all over the world with his show, and when his wife came off the road to raise their son, Heylee headed out! She did travel with him for years as a kid, so she was groomed to be on the road. 

As she hits the road and the air, she has found little tips and tricks to keep herself looking great for so much less. One such trick is for pesky, oily skin. 

Because Heylee often has to spend long hours sitting in the car or trudging through airports, she has to go from place to place ready to go and made-up. This can leave her already oily skin even more greasy thanks to sweat and long days.

Her quick fix? Don't spend tons on those tiny little oil-sucking sheets that you can carry in your purse, just use a toilet seat cover! 

I know what you're thinking...are you kidding? That sounds so gross!

Trust me when I say it isn't! Looks crazy, but it works! The paper used in those bathroom stall toilet seat covers is the same as those tiny, expensive sheets that come in that pack. And toilet seat covers are free! 


Just use the same way, blotting gently (never rub) to soak up excess oil from your skin. It will leave you looking clear and not greasy! 


So take a tip from the pro and keep your skin looking amazing all day for free!



August 18, 2014 by Kate Harris