Join Heylee B on Periscope!

Get excited!

It's happened!

You can now tune in live for the best that Heylee B has to offer, and it's a total game-changer!

How is this possible you ask? Through an amazing new app called Periscope! (click here for link) Basically, you can tune in to Heylee B by following us on Periscope and we will provide you with live, streaming videos that show you what's new in the store, give make-up tutorials, have Q&A with Heylee herself and so much more!

One of the things that we love the most about this new app is that it's totally interactive. You can ask questions about products, get beauty advice, and share the hearts when you love something. Each broadcast is only viewable for 24 hours, so in order to get in on great deals (and maybe some amazing giveaways), you need to tune in as soon as you can! 

You can view all of our broadcasts and get updates by downloading the Periscope app and following us at @heyleeb right now! We have already done a few broadcasts, and they have been a huge success for us and it's definitely changing the way that you can shop! 

Tune in now!



7 Top Trends for Fall 2014

Fall is just around the corner, and new looks are calling for attention! As designers sent models down the runway, there were a few trends that stood out to us, and we want to share them with you! We know that some will appeal to you and some won't, but now is your chance to stand out and push your closet just a little! 

Robe Coats :: We love this! These coats are loose, wrap around your body, and are totally chic. They can be dressed up for a night out, but still worn loose with jeans and a scarf. Don't be afraid to embrace the robe coat this fall/winter!

Novelty Prints :: We aren't sure who doesn't love a great print, and taking it way out of the box are novelty prints. They are whimsical, fun, and flirty. While you don't have to wear that print head to toe, we would encourage a couple stand-out pieces that you can wear with anything. 

Knits :: Nothing says "classic" more than knits. These are rarely out of style, and come in every size, shape, color, and style. Wear them with everything. They make a great closet staple that can be worn almost year-round. 

Scandinavian :: We have seen amazing printed leggings and sweaters for a few years, but now is the time to embrace your inner Swede! Leggings are the easiest way to add that super fun Scandinavian style to your closet. Just pair them with your favorite knit sweater and great boots and you're set!

Dresses over pants ::  We know that this trend will be more of a stretch for some. But we think it's a great way to take some of those great tunics you bought for summer and carry them through the year. You can pair short or long dresses with everything from skinny jeans to Dickies, it's your call! 

Cowboy :: Living in Nashville, we find this trend perfect! There are so many great things about true country style, so find your inner Carrie Underwood and pair those fringe boots you already have with some great country prints! Don't be afraid of the big hats as well...they are always a plus and great statement piece. 

Turtlenecks ::  These are not your 1987-style turtlenecks. These are high-fashion must-haves that come in many shapes and sizes. They are great to wear on their own, but are even better for layering. Consider this a staple, and don't be afraid to wear it many different ways. 



Heylee B will be bringing in some great fashion for this fall, so watch for these trends to hit our racks soon!

Introducing B. Cosmetics!

We are so excited to announce that Heylee B. is now carrying B. Cosmetics! This new cosmetic line will be bringing you the best in foundations, eye color, lip shades, and blush.

The foundation is mineral-based and talc-free and will be available in multiple shades. It is a liquid foundation that is seriously amazing! It goes on smooth and dries quickly to a powder-like feel. What's even more amazing about this foundation is the price! It will be available for around $28, which is a steal for this top of the line stuff. 

Bronzers are available as a matte and the other one has a hint of shimmer. They come in a pressed powder form. Bronzer is a great way to keep that sun-kissed look year-round. And with these fun zebra and leopard prints, you're sure to love them! 

There will be 4 shades of blush to bring the color to your cheeks: natural, coral, plum, and a pink berry. Each one will also come as a pressed, mineral-based powder that will go on your face leaving you looking fresh and bright. Heylee's favorite blush, and a must-have for her bag is the plum. She says you'd never know it, but it looks amazing on almost every skin type! 

Eyeshadows will be available in matte, mineral-matte, and polychromatic shades. Each shadow will be available individually, which gives you the ability to mix-and-match the shades that you love and build your own eye shadow palette. Because each shadow has a magnetic bottom, they can be put together into a magnetic palette. No being stuck with a color that you don't love ever again! 

Last, but not least, are the lipsticks. There will be tons of shades for you to choose from that will go great with every style you choose and every skin tone. The one that Heylee is never without? The hot red color "Impulse"! And at $14, you can get a couple! 

We are so excited to bring this amazing new line to you, and if you aren't sure about colors, Heylee would be willing to send you samples so you can make sure you have the right one! Because of her training, she is also willing and available on a limited basis to set up appointments with you to give the once-over and show you all the stuff that goes best with your skin color. Just email her at to set up an appointment or ask her a question! 


Heylee B is Now Bringing You Cosmetics!

Ladies (and gentlemen who care about cosmetics), Heylee B. is proud to announce that it has just launched its very own cosmetic line called B.

Now, some of you might be wondering, "B.?" 

In keeping with the Heylee B brand, the "Bstands for Brianne, which is Heylee's middle name.

(Catchy and easy to remember!)

For those who didn't know, Heylee Achten (owner of Heylee B) is a professionally trained make-up artist who graduated from the prestigious M.U.D. (Make Up Designory) School in Burbank, CA. While attending M.U.D., Heylee learned beauty essentials, airbrushing, bridal make-up, high-fashion trends, and avant-garde looks just to name a few. Each class helped her hone her skills and be on the cutting edge of all things make-up. While in Los Angeles, she even had the opportunity to work with stars such as Kristin Bell and even be on the set of America's Next Top Model. 

This new make-up line will be available for purchase starting on August 1st, and it will include some of the best trends and color palettes on the market! And for those who hate make-up loaded full of harsh chemicals, B will be mineral based, which is better for your skin! We love that these cosmetics will be top of the line but still at an affordable price!

Keep your eyes peeled for B., which will be headed your way August 1st! 

July 30, 2014 by Kate Harris

5 Ways to Take Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

It can be a little discouraging to look into your closet and see summer clothes filling your hangers as fall peeks around the corner. 

"How in the world am I supposed to wear that summer maxi when it gets cold?"

"Short skirts won't work right?"

"Please tell me that the 4 pairs of shorts I bought won't collect dust!"

Have no fear! We have 5 ways that you can wear those summer clothes into the fall, no problem! (Plus save money because you don't have to buy new! Woot woot!!) We are showing you below some of the clothes that are great to pair with what is popular this fall. If you don't already have these year-round threads, be sure to get them before they are gone! 

  • Leather jackets :: This is a must have for every closet. Black would be our go-to color since it goes with everything, but a nice caramel brown is not a bad choice either. You can spend hundreds on nice leather or less than $30 on synthetic, so don't be afraid to get creative with your budget. Remember that amazing maxi or jumper that you bought? Pair it with a leather jacket, a cute pair of booties, and a scarf and voila! An amazing, and much warmer, fall look without breaking the bank! (Get To It Jumper & Midnight Tide Dress)

  • Tights or leggings :: Again, a must-have because they go with everything! Pair leggings with any tunic, layering with a sweater or jacket (especially if it's short sleeved) and throw on boots to keep your toes warm. Have a shorter skirt or even shorts? Put on a pair of fun tights and wear them! Don't be shy! (Floral Frenzy Tunic & Traveler Leggings)

  • Sweaters :: You probably have a few of these in your closet already. They are the best layering piece that you could possibly have in your closet. They can go over a dress, or tank with jeans. Get colors, get them in different lengths, and pair with everything! (Hello 1990 Tank & What Did The Fox Say Tank)

  • Boots :: Even though you can get creative with sweaters and jackets once the heat outside fades into beautiful fall weather, the sandals will have to go. Boots are where it's at! Get them in ankle booties and knee high for variety. They pair well with jeans, leggings, and skirts. Get them in different shades, and leather is most durable. Don't be afraid to spend a little more on these since they can be worn year-round and last for a while. (Take A Trip Skirt)

  • Scarves :: Scarves have been in style for quite some time, and their versatility cannot be denied. They are both fashionable and functional. Get them in different styles, lengths, and fabrics. Layer them with tanks, dresses, and even long sleeves. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and styles either. (Stopping For Ice Cream Kimono & Casual Friday Top)


{{Photos By Blue Vinyl Creative)




The Deception of "Thin"

As women, there are tons of pressures on us to be thin, in tip-top shape, and look something along the lines of a Victoria's Secret model. The stakes are high, and the majority of us fall short. You feel as though you're in an endless vortex of advertisements and magazine photos of celebrities who seemingly always look the picture of perfection, and you cringe because you think that could never be you. Your insecurities are high, creeping in to steal your joy.        

You may tell yourself that you like who you are and don't care what other people think, but in the same breath you are untagging yourself in Facebook photos and taking dozens of selfies until you get just the right angle that makes you look angular and thin. You spend more time than necessary trying on outfits before you head out the door, picking the one that makes you look the thinnest. I know that I'm guilty of that on an almost daily basis. I hate to be in front of the camera at events, opting to be the photographer so that I don't have to "ruin" the photos that I might want to share later. It sounds extreme...but that's because it is. We have bought the lies that have been sold to us about ourselves, hook, line and sinker. Think about it. How often do you genuinely find yourself wishing you looked like her, had her wardrobe, or her tan? I'm guessing it's often. It is for me. And that's a problem. 

I am a 31-year-old mother of a now 9-month-old son. I was thin and in great shape once upon a time, but after marriage and years of yo-yo dieting and binge workouts, I found myself pregnant and the weight creeping up to a record high. (Yes it was baby weight, but that didn't matter) After giving birth I was focused and ready to shed the pounds, but found those last 15-20 sticking around. I was devastated. I felt uncomfortable in anything but maternity and loose clothing. I was embarrassed to even see the photos of my son and I. A crappy place to find myself. 

If I was totally honest with you, I will probably never be satisfied with the way that I look. My body will never be the same, and I will never be considered the perfect specimen of a mother (like the way the media thinks of the likes of Kim Kardashian), and I have to be okay with that. I am still allowed to have goals for myself in health and wellness, but I need to let go of the desire to look like so-and-so, or be like so-and-so. The sea of deception is a deep one, and it's so easy to find ourselves with our heads barely above the water. So today, I will no longer believe the deception that I have bought about myself. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and though there are places in my life that could be made healthier for my family and I, I need to be happy with who I am and what I look like today. I embrace this new body of mine and I won't be afraid of the words "extra large" or "plus size". Just because the world has a stereotype and stigma attached to those words, I will not allow them to steal my joy. 

I am with those of you who hate to shop because nothing that you love seems to fit just right or look the way you wished. But I encourage you to take a good look in the mirror and smile at the reflection staring back. You could use it. Remember that you are you, and though everyone should take the steps to live a healthier life, you need to love yourself. Don't buy the lies that you have to be a certain weight or wear a certain size in order to be happy and accepted. People love you just the way you are! 

And just because I'm sure your is a pic of me with the heartbeat of my life, Jude, and as your Heylee B "extended size" model (not my day job!!)

Kate and Jude just hanging out at home!

Kate is wearing the "My Moto Jacket" in this pic and can be found our "extended size" tab!


July 07, 2014 by Kate Harris

It's a Flash Sale!

Out with the old and in with the new! 

Over the past couple of months, we have worked diligently to bring you the best in fashion for the season. We have spent hours pouring over the Lookbooks of new vendors making sure that we are always on the cutting edge of not just fashion, but pricing. All that being said, we are still trying to make room for more great clothes! In order to do so, we are having our very first 20% off Flash Sale! 

Here are the items that will fall into our 20% off offer! These items will be available at this 20% off rate until July 1st, so make sure to get yours before they are gone! 

Egg Hunt Top & Let It Be True Shrug

Zig Zag Zoe Top & Show Your Stripes Top 

My Moto Jacket & Rosie Posey Top (both are in Extended Sizing)


June 23, 2014 by Kate Harris

What in the world is a NikiBiki?

In my closet there are a couple of staples:

  1. Jeans: skinnies, boot cut, boyfriend, ankle cut, distressed and dark wash. 
  2. Sweatshirts: zip-up, hoodie, athletic, and every variety in between. 
  3. Tanks/camis: white, nude, black, gray, green, navy, purple, and orange. 

All of these things I wear regularly, and I don't mind having multiples of. I like them in all styles and cuts. They go with everything.

Tanks and cami's are one of the things that I most diligent about keeping in my closet since I wear them pretty much every day. I wear them on their own, under shirts a little too sheer, and with kimonos and cardigans. I like them in every length. Their versatility is what makes them so great! But one of the things I hate is when they ride up or they are too short. But then I found a NikiBiki.

What in the world is a NikiBiki you might ask? It's an amazing cami that is designed to specifically battle not riding-up and rolling over the course of your day. Plus, they are made of a super soft material that breathes...unlike so many of their cotton counterparts. My favorite are the extra long tanks that I wear with leggings and under maxi's. (They hide your butt and help to slim) The regular length cami's and tanks are also not too short...something that tends to drive me nuts! NikiBiki changed everything about the way I bought and wore tanks, and I won't wear anything else! They are simply the best. 

If you are a tank and cami wearer, and are looking for that perfect one, look no further! The NikiBIki that we carry at Heylee B. will be the only one that you'll ever want to wear. (Can be found in our "Intimates" section.) Be sure to get yours today!! 



June 02, 2014 by Kate Harris

How to Host A Heylee B Trunk Show

Shopping online can be intimidating. From not really knowing what clothes feel like, to not really not knowing how those clothes would fit on your body, to the daunting task of returning any items that aren't up to par, we know online shopping is not for everyone. That's why Heylee B has created opportunities for you to shop in person with all your friends! 

Ever since Heylee moved her small boutique from a brick and mortar storefront to an online store, she has always offered to bring her amazing clothes and accessories right to you. She started out bringing clothes to family functions, then to the parking lot of Sam's Club so people could shop out of her car, finally finding regular locations in salons and homes around the Nashville area. The ability to pop-up and shop has always been successful for Heylee since she is able to move around and meet people where they are. 

Hosting one of these pop-up & shop events is simple! Here are a couple options that you can choose from:

You can host a traditional Trunk Show where you invite all of your friends, have food and drinks, and hang with your girlfriends while Heylee gives styling tips and you get to try everything on. As a hostess, you receive 20% off your entire purchase, and there can be drawings and giveaways for those who attend. Also, the more your guests buy, the more discounts you get as a hostess! We ask that there be a minimum of 10 people in attendance, and we only travel within 90 min of Downtown Franklin, TN. 

If you are a small business owner, such as a salon or coffee shop, you can have Heylee bring her racks to your store for a specific amount of time. Then, everyone who comes through your store can browse and shop. This has been wildly successful for both Heylee and each small business since traffic is driven into your store and it's very low pressure. We can also have a regular day or days each month that we come hang at your space! Her most successful locations are salons. Business owners who bring Heylee in and receive 40% off one item. The more people come and purchase, the more discounts you can receive!

Our newest option is the Open House. We have had a couple of these already and people love them! As a host, you literally open up your house to friends, family, and local Heylee B customers to come and go over a certain amount of time. This is much more low-key for both the hostess and all her guests since there's less pressure to show up and entertain. These are completely customizable as well. We have had afternoon soirees outside, evening swing-by and shop with us, and are talking of a pool party! The hostess of these events receive 20% off their entire purchase, plus the more people purchase at your open house, the more discounts you can acquire! There is no minimum on attendance, and we will travel within 90 min of Downtown Franklin. 

If you are interested in having Heylee bring the shopping to you, please let us know so we can get you on our already very full calendar! Just contact Heylee at to set up an event of your choice! They are so much fun (because who doesn't love to shop?!), and it's a great way to meet new people!



Coconut Oil Hair Treatment Tutorial

We've all heard about the amazing properties that coconut oil has and all the different ways that it can be used. You can cook with it, use it to alleviate stretch marks while pregnant, aid eczema, help with your teeth (oil pulling), and put it in your hair to battle dry hair and scalp. It's an amazing, product that should be a pantry, and maybe even bathroom) staple. 

Back in January, Heylee did a test on the coconut hair treatment to help her dry scalp. She had already re-trained her to need less washing with harsh soaps by a combo of only washing it twice a week and using dry shampoo in-between washes. She loved the results so much, that she now uses coconut oil each night before she washes her hair to help lock in moisture. 

This is a great process that can be used on any type of hair. We encourage you to try it out for yourself using this simple process.


Use 1/4 cup of organic coconut oil heated to warm. (We love the stuff from Whole Foods) Give your hair a quick brush to eliminate tangles. 

Heylee Likes to start at the ends of her hair (where the majority of damage is found), and work the oil in using her fingertips

Because Heylee is using this treatment to help battle a dry scalp, she spends a couple of minutes massaging the oil into the roots of her hair and her scalp. To make it easier, she typically pours the remaining oil into this area and works it all around

Once her hair is thoroughly coated with the oil, she uses her fingers to pull her hair up to the top of her head, and uses a soft elastic band to secure it in place. (She sleeps in this treatment, and this helps keep the oil off of her skin). As added help to the heat, she places a heated towel (pop it in the dryer on high-heat while you do the process) around her hair and lets it keep her head warm for about 20 min. 

The next morning, she simply washes out the oil using a gentle, organic shampoo and conditioner, sometimes shampooing twice to avoid greasy hair. She's left with beautiful, soft hair that lasts for days! 

As an added help to her hair, she will occasionally add doTerra Geranium and Frankincense essential oils to her coconut oil. Both aid in dry skin and have antibacterial properties. (There are different oils for different types of hair, so make sure to check which one would be best for you if you want to add these to your treatment)