Are you ready to swoon?!

When we told you recently that we went to Dallas and were ridiculously excited about the new designers that we found, we weren't kidding! And guess what? Inventory is flowing in and we can't get enough! There are new tops, skirts, dresses, pants, and accessories that will make you swoon!

We really wanted to take Heylee B. not only fashion forward, but into a world that really defines who we are. We want to offer you all of those great closet staples that never get old, all while expanding your ability to think outside the box. In doing that, we have taken every new item and styled it with accessories, and given you the ability to see a complete style...and hopefully help you see it in a new light (and in your closet). We all know that seeing an article of clothing on a rack is much harder to envision on ourselves than it is if we see it walking down the runway or in a well laid out catalog spread. 

Our team favorite so far has been this mustard-colored printed tunic by a'reve. This tunic boasts not only a bold color, but a beautiful gray feather print and gray crocheted color detail. It can be worn as both a dress and a tunic (fancy name for long shirt), and we paired it with a pair of brown leather booties and our panama hat. But don't think that you can't throw on a pair of skinny jeans and flip flops with this. It's versatile and a stand-out winner in our books! It fits amazing and would look great on every body type. This is a must-have for every style-savvy woman's closet! 

Next on our list was this ultra-feminine coral dress by a new company we fell in love with: Timing. Though this dress may seem simple to you, we think it's understatedly chic. It's fully lined, has an elastic wait, and scoops at the neck in the front and back. The pleating and cap sleeves make the dress flattering and modest. We paired this dress with a vintage pin necklace that really makes a statement! We added this dress to our closet as a great Easter dress...but it's also easily carried over into an everyday dress with flats or wedges. 

While we did add a few new designers to our list of favorites, a couple companies continue to impress us and bring great styles consistently. One of those companies is Blupepper. This scalloped edge ultra-intricate top is one of those tops we just couldn't pass-up. We were obsessed. The delicate detail of the shirt is so understatedly beautiful, we can't stop looking at it. It is definitely a stand-out piece and a must-have for your closet. 

 Lastly, with both Memorial Day and the 4th of July just around the corner, we couldn't pass up this American flag shirt by another new company to get excited about, Classic. It's a straight-forward knit that is perfect for summer! This shirt is sure to stand out at any holiday party, or stand alone with your favorite jeans or shorts. It will take your closet up that notch that you've been looking for! And, for our British friends, we have a Union Jack version for you! 

We hope that you're as excited about these new looks as we are...just don't miss out on any of items that you love because sizes are limited and they always go quickly! 



(Photo Credit: Jessica Gann at Blue Vinyl Creative)

(Model: Haley Dobbins)

How to Accomplish an Effortless Summer Look (No Blowdryer Required!)

The looks for spring/summer 2014 are something to get really excited about! Crop tops, palazzo pants, graphic & floral prints, fringe, and sheer/lace overlays are just a few of the must-haves that are already in stock at Heylee BOne of our major favorites is this amazing Bohemian 3/4-length ivory skirt with floor-length lace detail overlay. Not only will it keep you cool as the temps rise, you will definitely be turning heads with such a trendy statement! (Click here to add it to your closet!)

But, we all know that having the right article of clothing is only half the battle to looking fabulous in 2014. With the inevitable rise in temperatures, we are bound to want to refer to the age-old trend of ponytails and buns to keep our necks cool. But we think we can take your look up a notch or two by giving you a chic and effortless look in just a few minutes...and you won't even have to break out your blow dryer!



STEP 1:Give hair a good tousle for volume. 

**For already-washed hair, add a little dry shampoo or dry hairspray to add volume as well

STEP 2: Take a favorite embellished headband (preferably with elastic) and pull over the crown of your head, leaving a small "pouf" in your hair.

**Check out our new embellished headbands here!

STEP 2: Begin to wrap hair up and around the elastic part of the headband, leaving down the sides. (You will do those sections last)

Tuck in stray pieces so that they form a sort of curl around, hiding the elastic. You want to keep hair loose around the elastic, because making it too tight won't give you the right look. The goal is, again, effortless.

STEP 4: Take the side pieces that you left untucked and section them out, wrapping and tucking them in to the back.

STEP 5: Tuck in any stray pieces and spray with a dry hairspray for hold. 

What's so great about this 'do? Dress it up or dress it down, you'll look and feel amazing! Also, be sure to go to Heylee B to find more clothes to go along with this look, as some cute headbands for your hair! With a look like this, there's no doubt that you will spend your spring & summer turning heads in all the right ways!

(Photo Credit: Jessica Gann at Blue Vinyl Creative)