Ooh La Lashes

You've seen them. You envy them. Thick, long, impeccable lashes that always look red-carept worthy. Many times when we see such flawless lashes, we can't help but wonder if they're even real. More often than not, they aren't, and many of these "falsies" are of the glued-on variety and can be found at places like Target, Walmart, and CVS in the beauty section. You simply find a length and fill that you like, and is appropriate for why you're wearing them, and you just apply them with a sticky adhesive that peels off at the end of the night. However, if you hate the idea of having to glue tiny strips of perfectly curled lashes to your eyes on a regular basis, there's an even better solution: semi-permanent lash extensions. These extensions are put on by a lash artist in a salon, and they are able to fashion the perfect lashes just for your eyes. 

Recently, Heylee went to such a salon in the Nashville area called "Ooh La Lashes" and had a set of Classic Lashes put on by Jessie Law. There are 3 different varieties of lashes that are offered by Ooh La Lashes: Natural, Classic, and Volume. Natural lashes are described as "a lighter way to wear lash extensions for those who just want a little more thickness and volume." (Takes 90 minutes to apply) Classic is Jessie's most requested look. They are customized to fit the length, thickness, and curl that you want, with no mascara needed when you have them on. (3 hours to apply) The Volume lashes offer 70% more volume on your lash-line, but are still lightweight. Lashes will be fuller, darker, and perfectly curled, no mascara needed. (2.5-3 hours to apply)
Each set of lashes lasts from 2-4 weeks depending on the type you had done and how much make-up your wear. You don't need to get new extensions every couple of weeks, just a fill. What that means is that they just replace the pieces that have fallen out. And it doesn't take nearly as long to have them filled as it does to have them put on which is a bonus!   

Jessie did an amazing job putting on these lashes, and Heylee has loved wearing them! She said it shortens the time that it takes her to get ready in the mornings because her lashes already look made-up, and it doesn't require any extra work to look great for the day!

If you are in the Nashville area, go see Jessie! She has offered a promotion of $100 off of a full set of eyelash extensions if you mention "Heylee B"! This is a seriously good deal and definitely something you should take advantage of sooner rather than later! 

Here is all the info that you need to know:

Jessie Law
301 Mallory Station Rd
Suite 204
Franklin, TN 37067