When we were sent this entry for our Fashion Fail Friday, we had no words. We still have no words other than ladies, meet Amy. 

In her subject line, she titled this "Purple Awesomeness". Again...no words. 

Amy today is one of the most beautiful and talented women that I know. She is wife to Matt, and mom to Nyah. She is an artist in everything. From a talented painter and writer, to a fantastic baker, to a makeup artist/stylist for the likes of Jeremy Cowart at Hope Portrait. I love calling her "friend", and I'm so excited for her to win our Fashion Fail! She clearly deserves it! 

Here's a more recent, and less purple, photo of Amy.

While doing these fashion fails, we want to make it clear that it's okay to laugh at bad fashion (it's kind of hard not to laugh)...but understand that fashion is not a definition of beauty. You are beautiful on the inside. You are beautiful in your attitudes and character. You are beautiful as you share your life with family and friends. You are beautiful in your vulnerability. What's considered "fashionable" will wax and wane faster than the moon, so don't find your identity in it. It's temporary. You are beautiful as you...not as the clothes you once wore.