Golden Birthday Bash!!

April 28th is a very special day! It's founder of Heylee B, Heylee Achten's, birthday! And it's not just her's her golden birthday! 

Many of you have met and become friends with Heylee over the years, and have probably even shopped out of the back of her SUV in the parking lot of Chick-Fil-A, and love her as much as we do! She is a beautiful person inside and out, and she never ceases to make us laugh and give us confidence in ourselves. She has worked hard over the years and 8 years of business proves she's got what it takes!

In honor of her being a radiant light to our days, and her golden birthday, we are offering a 1-day only 28% off the entire site discount! Don't miss out on this short offer, because it's a good one! 

And make sure to give Heylee a birthday shout-out on Twitter (@heyleebfashion), Facebook (Heylee B. Achten & Heylee B), and on her cell if you have it! She definitely deserves it! 

April 27, 2014 by Kate Harris