How to Host A Heylee B Trunk Show

Shopping online can be intimidating. From not really knowing what clothes feel like, to not really not knowing how those clothes would fit on your body, to the daunting task of returning any items that aren't up to par, we know online shopping is not for everyone. That's why Heylee B has created opportunities for you to shop in person with all your friends! 

Ever since Heylee moved her small boutique from a brick and mortar storefront to an online store, she has always offered to bring her amazing clothes and accessories right to you. She started out bringing clothes to family functions, then to the parking lot of Sam's Club so people could shop out of her car, finally finding regular locations in salons and homes around the Nashville area. The ability to pop-up and shop has always been successful for Heylee since she is able to move around and meet people where they are. 

Hosting one of these pop-up & shop events is simple! Here are a couple options that you can choose from:

You can host a traditional Trunk Show where you invite all of your friends, have food and drinks, and hang with your girlfriends while Heylee gives styling tips and you get to try everything on. As a hostess, you receive 20% off your entire purchase, and there can be drawings and giveaways for those who attend. Also, the more your guests buy, the more discounts you get as a hostess! We ask that there be a minimum of 10 people in attendance, and we only travel within 90 min of Downtown Franklin, TN. 

If you are a small business owner, such as a salon or coffee shop, you can have Heylee bring her racks to your store for a specific amount of time. Then, everyone who comes through your store can browse and shop. This has been wildly successful for both Heylee and each small business since traffic is driven into your store and it's very low pressure. We can also have a regular day or days each month that we come hang at your space! Her most successful locations are salons. Business owners who bring Heylee in and receive 40% off one item. The more people come and purchase, the more discounts you can receive!

Our newest option is the Open House. We have had a couple of these already and people love them! As a host, you literally open up your house to friends, family, and local Heylee B customers to come and go over a certain amount of time. This is much more low-key for both the hostess and all her guests since there's less pressure to show up and entertain. These are completely customizable as well. We have had afternoon soirees outside, evening swing-by and shop with us, and are talking of a pool party! The hostess of these events receive 20% off their entire purchase, plus the more people purchase at your open house, the more discounts you can acquire! There is no minimum on attendance, and we will travel within 90 min of Downtown Franklin. 

If you are interested in having Heylee bring the shopping to you, please let us know so we can get you on our already very full calendar! Just contact Heylee at to set up an event of your choice! They are so much fun (because who doesn't love to shop?!), and it's a great way to meet new people!