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Beyond Egypt - Learning to Walk in the Freedom of the Exodus

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Beyond Egypt: Learning to Walk in the Freedom of the Exodus is a 7-week inductive Bible study devoted to help you discover how the narrative of the Exodus points to Christ and the gospel.

Over 7 weeks, you will discover how the narrative of Exodus is not just a historical story of the people of Israel but ultimately is a signpost to Christ and the gospel message. Understanding this connection between the Old and New Testaments will deepen your knowledge and love of God while teaching you how to let theology impact your daily moments in life. Upon completion of this study, you will be in awe of how God has rescued us in Christ and calls us to live beyond our slavery to sin and into our freedom in Christ.

This immersive 7-week study is beautifully designed to engage your heart, mind, and hands. The initial four days of each week reveal the character of God with an in-depth exploration of Exodus and how it points to Christ. On the fifth day, you will focus on actualizing your theological understanding through practical spiritual exercises. Kari's goal is to equip you to tread confidently “beyond Egypt” in the profound freedom given to us in Christ.

By: Kari Minter 

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