“Heylee has an incredible drive to succeed in every project she is involved with. In working with her closely on projects of my own, I’ve come to appreciate her ability to take any request and make it happen with a high degree of professionalism, sincerity, and excellence. This girl’s going places…. get her while you still can!”

Michael Levine
Celebrated Hollywood Publicist & Author
Los Angeles, CA

“Heylee’s strong stylistic sense, easy-going personality, and keen eye have enhanced every set we’ve shared together. Her ability to hone in on an artist’s style and enhance it with her own sensibilities has been an invaluable asset.”

Tim Parker
Senior Art Director
Provident Label Group
Sony Music Entertainment

“Heylee has the charm of a southern woman, the sweetness of a peach, and enough enthusiasm to make the transition from Tennessee to Los Angeles with style and ease. She gives 150 percent to her projects and is eager to learn and please. Heylee will be an asset to anyone fortunate enough to hire her for their projects. I happily give her high recommendation.”

Michele Gampel
Instructor Of Wardrobe Styling
Make-Up Designory
Burbank, CA

“Heylee has an incredible ability to make people feel important. Skills can be learned, and with practice and the right training, performed well. Not only does Heylee perform those skills with perfection, she does so in a way that leaves everyone feeling like a superstar!”

Harris III
Award-winning Entertainer
Nashville, TN

“Heylee’s attitude and dedication makes her a great person to work with. Get her while you still can!”

Belen Zahonero
Manager of Makeup Dept.
Spanish Television
Valencia, Spain

“Heylee has a positive attitude and is a dedicated team player. She has a good sense of style and is eager to learn new skills. I anticipate a successful career for Heylee!”

Karen Hudson
Costume Supervisor
Los Angeles, CA

“Heylee was fantastic! She came in last minute to a pretty chaotic set and made all the actors look great!”

Actress, “The Receipt”
Hollywood, CA

“It’s not everyday that you come across a talent that makes even their most complicated styling and makeup look easy. Heylee brings 150 percent to the session. My clients recognize they are in good hands, so everything runs smoothly. I highly recommend her.”

Jimmy Abegg
Nashville, TN

“Heylee’s positive and upbeat attitude added much to the class. She was a willing student that enjoyed being challenged. She is a delight!”

Yvonne Hawker
Instructor Of Studio Hairstyling
Make-Up Designory
Burbank, CA

“Working with Heylee was a true pleasure She was a consummate professional and she brought a lot of joy and positivity to our set. As a director, I enjoyed working with Heylee because of her effortless understanding of the material and vision for makeup, hair and costume. Heylee is knowledgeable, professional and positive. She is an asset to anyone’s project.”

Amy Kernan
Director, “Alterations”
Orange County, CA

“Heylee is a director’s dream. She’s quick and efficient without compromising quality. Her make-up choices are impeccable, allowing me to focus on the performance rather  than appearance. But perhaps Heylee’s best tool is her wonderful smile which lights up a room and puts talent (and anxious directors) at ease.”

Jaime Cabrera
Time Warner Cable TV
Long Beach, CA

“It was great working with Heylee for our last album photo shoot. We never look forward to the makeup part of the shoot, but she is awesome! We will definitely be working with her again soon!”

Daniel Riley
“Gold City” Quartet

“Heylee is amazing! Talent instantly fall in love with her, and she’s a great team player: professional, dependable, and best of all a true artist! Book her before someone else discovers her!”

P. Michael Perez
Internationally-known Photographer
Hollywood, CA

“We enjoyed working with Heylee very much. She is very gifted in clothing coordinnation, and with a large group like ours, I think she did a wonderful job blending it all together. Her sweet personality just added so much to a very stressful day! I hope we get to work with her again very soon!”

Lily Isaacs
“The Isaacs” Bluegrass Group
Nashville, TN

“Heylee is a fantastic makeup artist that is very easy to work with and is a great contributor to any team environment!”

Michael Howard
Nashville, TN