Join One Of Our Make-Up Classes!
We host make-up classes at our downtown Franklin storefront location monthly! You can join in solo to an open class date, or get your group of girlfriends together and coordinate calendars to host an event just for you! Or, if you prefer the solo route you can book a specific time for a private class thats one on one with an artist! Our make-up classes start at $65 each, are hands on, and include the product you will need for class within your fee that is yours to take home after class. Classes are generally about an hour and a half long, but are designed to answer your questions and get one on one help, so time frames may vary by class. All make-up classes are listed below. You can stop by the store or contact us for availability and additional information! (we also host tween/teen make-up birthday parties for $35 per girl and a minimum of 5 girls - for an added fee attendees can leave with a make-up item from class)

Make-Up Class Options: 
  • Applying Falsies: In this class you will master the skill of measuring, trimming, and applying false eyelashes. Then learn how to frame out your eye by finishing off your brows and camouflaging the lash band with liner.  Click here for additional information or to purchase this class.
  • Smoky Eye: In this class will teach you how to create a smoky eye that fits your age and eye shape. We will help you choose your perfect "smokey eye" colors just for you, as it's not a one size fits all color choice! Click here for additional information or to purchase this class.
  • Beauty Basics: In this class will go over the basics to help you create a beauty routine that you can follow daily for work or play. Learn how to accentuate your best features, choose the right colors, and apply with ease! Click here for additional information or to purchase this class.
  •    Contouring Like A Pro: In this class you will learn how to contour your face for a photo ready look! It's easy to overdue and under-do this look, but with a few tips and tricks you will have those cheeks chiseled in no time! Click here for additional information or to purchase this class. 
  •    Brow Defining: In this class we will learn the correct technique for defining your brows! Brows play such an important part of finishing your makeup routine and it's so easy to go too heavy, or too light in this area. They frame your face out and give the definition you need. Such a very important step in finishing off your makeup look! Click here for additional information or to purchase this class.