Group Makeup Class

$ 450.00

Gather your favorite group of girls and feel your best with a makeup class from certified makeup artist, Heylee B. Achten. With a resume that includes America's Next Top Model and Tyra Banks Show, numerous christian and country music artists, Heylee has the experience to help you find the perfect makeup routine. In this hands-on class, she'll provide step-by-step instruction as you walk through your daily makeup routine and struggles. Heylee's advice and expertise will have you feeling confident and beautiful!

In this class, it's HIGHLY encouraged for you to bring your own makeup bag and brushes/sponges, allowing us to utilize the products you already own. However, rest assured that Heylee is always prepared with her makeup kit to lend any items you might want to experiment with. She can also assist in creating a personalized list of products you might want to consider purchasing to elevate your makeup routine.

Class is limited to 4 people in studio, 6 people in home. For booking in-home, please contact us! (for fastest response message @heyleeb on instagram)

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