The Bible Maps Handbook - By Daily Grace Co.

$ 59.00

Do you ever get confused by all of the places mentioned in the Bible? Have you ever read the Old Testament and wondered what the difference was between the Northern and Southern Kingdoms or been confused by the timeline of Holy Week as described in the Gospels?

You are not alone! Reading about places that you have never been to or even heard of can add complexity to your Bible study. That is why we created The Bible Maps Handbook to aid you in your study of God’s Word.

The Bible Maps Handbook will:

  • Reduce confusion by helping you understand the geographical and historical context of various Bible stories.
  • Equip you in your Bible study by giving brief contextual information for each book of the Bible, including the author, the approximate dates the mapped events occurred, and a summary of the events.
  • Make Bible stories come alive as you discover that Bible stories occurred in real places that we can find and visit today.
  • Create clarity around the many landmarks for battles, journeys, places of worship, miracles, healings, letters, and so much more mentioned in the Bible.

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