It happens to all of us. We are either rushing out the door, up too early (and running too late), or we are out of a key item in our make-up bag forcing us to do a quick once-over on our face to make us not look like the walking dead.

But how do you get that amazing no make-up make-up look?

Is it simple?


Make-up artist Heylee Achten has done it once again by giving us the 1-2-3 on this relatively quick and simple way to get out the door in less time and still look great. 

Remember this pic? This would be Heylee on a 5am flight for work, but she definitely doesn't look like I usually do at 5am! (Way jealous!)


So here is how she gets that great look ::

1. Start your day off with a clean face. Not only should you always be doing this for the health of your skin, but it will make you feel like a million bucks, especially if a shower is a long way off. 

2. Add foundation. Take a tiny drop of foundation, put on your hand, and blend it on your t-zone. (It's the space from your forehead to your chin) Brush out to all the areas of your face, blending well. This will even out your skin tone, giving it that "fresh" look. If you have any trouble areas under your eyes, a little bit of concealer can cover up pretty well. Heylee typically uses a light-cover so her skin isn't too made up. (Heylee uses B Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in "Tender Beige".)

3. Bronzer. This is what gives you that "I'm awake" look on your skin. Highlight you cheeks and you won't look so sallow and sleepy. (B Cosmetics Bronzer in "Safari")

4. Fill in brows.  Your brows shape your face, and if you aren't already filling them in and giving them some life, then this is the perfect time to start. Fresh, full brows brighten your eyes and pull your face together. (Heylee uses the "Blonde" brow duo from B Cosmetics)

5. Add mascara. No need for anything other than the mascara, because let's be honest...this is about getting by without looking like the Grim Reaper. If you just have to have eyeliner, knock yourself out. Just make sure it's lightly added. 

6. Lipshine. There is no reason to be rocking your full red lips (unless you're Gwen Stefani). A little light lipstick with a shine with a tint will be all you need. This gives the color back to your mouth, and completes the look. (Heylee is wearing B Cosmetics in "Sugar Pie")

7. Feel amazing! Now that you've done this, head out the door and greet the world! You will notice that your confidence level goes up and you feel like a new person! That's a good thing! There's nothing better than feeling fresh even when you don't feel like you're 100% awake. 


If you have any other questions, or there's something you'd like for Heylee to give a tutorial on, let us know! This is the perfect place to voice your opinions and even share some secrets yourself! 

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