Alleven Colour Shield Tinted Protection

$ 24.00

Achieve a sun-kissed glow with ALLEVEN London Colour Shield Hydrating Tinted Protection; a water-resistant, skin-perfecting concealer developed by top international scientists and jewelry designer, art connoisseur and former supermodel, Celia Forner Venturi.

Harnessing the powers of Coraline Red Algae and an innovative, melanin-activating peptide, the lightweight mist helps to defend against the damaging effects of UV rays, whilst providing anti-aging benefits and delivering a sun-free, natural-looking tan with a smooth, flawless finish.

Easy to apply, the quick-drying, tinted formula utilizes a Lipid Plasma Compound derived from Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Argan Oil to moisturize and hydrate skin, leaving it soft, comfortable and nourished without sticky or greasy residue. Skin is luminous and glowing with a velvety matte finish and hint of natural color.

Before your first application, we recommend you practice on paper and experiment with lines.

1.Shake well.

2.Always spray from a distance of around 20 cm. Avoid putting too much product on one area, as this can affect its lasting power and natural cover.

3.Spray using a continuous motion and in short bursts of 2-3 seconds.

4. Start at distal area, end at proximal. You can apply ALLEVEN all over your body or in a specific area you wish to beautifully. Before getting dressed, let the product dry for 1-2 minutes and use your hand to check that ALLEVEN has dried to form a perfecting veil over your skin. ALLEVEN can be removed easily using water and your normal body wash.

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